Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day One

Day One, not smoking...not without struggle.  

I really want a cigarette!  Not joking in any way, I want a cigarette.  But...I have not, and will not, break down and buy a pack.  I have resorted to an electronic cigarette.  I even bought some cherry flavored filters to use.  They do have nicotine, so the craving has been curbed.  

It is an incredibly horrible habit to break.  Dieting is easier.  Exercising is easier.  Even though I know it is bad for me, and has always been bad for me, I still want the damned cigarette.  

I have to be stronger than the urge to smoke.  I AM stronger than the urge to smoke.  It's why I have gotten through the first day, and only used the electronic cigarette.  

The first day of my permanently non-smoking it, done it...time to conquer Day Two.


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