Sunday, September 29, 2013

A little weird

I have been a night owl since before I was born, according my mother.  I was a restless baby in utero, especially at night.  From the moment I was born, I have preferred to sleep during the day.  I would much rather be active at night, when the world is quiet and peaceful.

Some believe it is odd that I function with a clearer head after sunset.  For me, it is normal.  I find it hard to function after the sunrise.
Add to the equation the fact that I am extremely fair skinned, shadow and shade have always been my friends.  I tend to stay indoors or under cover of trees, porches, etc. when outside during the day.  I much prefer pale skin over lobster red skin.

When I was a teenager, I had some very gullible friends convinced that I was a new breed of vampire.  (Yep, I have always been a creative monster.)  Of course, I'm not all sparkly like those vamps from the Twilight series, but I walked around in the daylight.  I just wasn't comfortable in the sun, lol!!  Thank goodness no one wanted me to prove that I drank blood to survive!!

Along with being a night person, I am also an insomniac.  I have a great deal of difficulty sleeping at any time of day.  Eventually I crash and sleep but it usually takes days with very little sleep before that ever happens.  I only know a few people with a similar sleep issue, and most of them are family.

I do have a friend or two that have sleep issues also.  One has kept me company in recent months via Twitter.  He has the same problem.  It was a great feeling to find a kindred spirit out there in the virtual world.  We have kept each other entertained with conversations that range from average to adult.  Similar souls in out of the way places making contact and becoming friends.

Sometimes, the universe does grant us the blessing of a good friend who gets "it".  He has helped me to keep a sane head on my shoulders, and to develop a positive attitude to replace a lifetime of negativity.  There's been a few times when his words have made the difference between a crash n burn into self pity and a genuine shift to believing in myself.  I don't know if he realizes how much of a difference he has made in how I see myself.  His real life is very busy, yet he takes time to talk to me.  I've always thought I was just weird.  He has made me realize what I am is special, not weird.  He has made me feel blessed to have him as my friend.

I may be a little weird, but there isn't a damn thing wrong with that.  So what if folks don't get that I would rather prowl the world at night.  There are other people out there that do understand and that's more than anyone can ask, another soul that knows what it is like to operate best during the dark hours on the clock.

A little different, a bit weird...whatever!  It makes me the person I am, and I am pretty fucking awesome.      


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