Saturday, September 14, 2013

Being me

I've learned that not everyone will like me.  In the past, that bugged the shit out of me.  Everyone always seemed to love my brothers, my sister, my folks...but not me.  I use to think that it was because I was a redhead, because I cried when upset, or a dozen other things.

Figured out something as I have gotten's not me, it's them.  I'm a great person.  I have a big heart.  I can listen to someone's story without comment then to put most anyone at ease with just a few words.

If somebody doesn't like me...well, that's their problem.

No, I'm not everyone's cup of tea.  The people I have in my life, they are the people I need in my life.  There are friends that keep me positive (My big 'sis', my 'sista' and the Big Guy).  There are friends that know just the right things to say to keep me from losing my cool (that's T).  There are friends who find troublemaking just as much fun as I do (right, ERT?).

I have friends who keep me grounded, like my real sister and my other big 'sis', Nicee.  They make sure I don't get too big for my britches, but in good way.  The 'kids' feed my need to be maternal on occasion, though that's not often (thank God!).  The 'kids' think I need to grow up, but why grow up if I don't have to, right?  Being grown up is so overrated!!

I'll be myself.  If you like me, chances are, I like you too.  If you don't like me, sorry about your luck.  I'm not here to please everybody, and I don't want to.  I am going to be me, and that's the best I've got to offer.  I can be your friend (I'm great friend) or I can be your enemy (I'm one hell of an enemy to have, believe me).  I take no shit, and I won't give any.  If I harass you, it's because I like you.  If I'm exceptionally nice to you, it is because Momma always told me if I can't say something nice, say nothing at all.  Considering I'm a talker, it's hard to say nothing at all, so I say something nice.

I have made up my mind.  I am a work in progress, always growing and changing.  My success is dependent on me, my hard work and my attitude.  If you don't like me or my problem.  Find someone else to pay attention to, because this woman ain't changing her goals or her attitude to accommodate anyone but herself.  I did that for too long, and I won't do it again.      


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