Saturday, September 14, 2013

Giving it some thought

I've been tossing about the idea of moving.  I haven't even decided if I'm going to do it.  I've gotten frustrated with living here though.  There are few opportunities for someone like me, especially in such a small town.  So here's my thoughts...

I will only go north to the New England area if a really fantastic job would come through.  Otherwise, there ain't no way I'm moving up the Eastern seaboard.  No FUCKING way!!

I know I could go south.  I have family there and a good friend who has generously offered to help too, if I headed their direction.  I don't think I want to go south.  Their summers are brutal humid, not to mention that they get tornados and a lot of rain, especially during hurricane season.  Don't think I want to go south.

Don't want to go to the Midwest either.  Again, TORNADOS!!   Very few things petrify me, but that's one of them.  We've had a few in this area and every year when the season rolls around, I get anxious with every thunderstorm that comes through here.

As much as I hate winter, that leaves out the upper Midwest.  Those folks get more snow than my little brain wants to even think about, let alone live with.  So no MT, WY, ND, SD...or any of those other upper states.

The Northwest gets a bunch of rain, but because of where they are located, the temps aren't bad for most of the year.  They don't get tornados.  They don't have issues with earthquakes, unlike California...which is another one of those no go places.   The Northwest does get the occasional mudslide though, and I don't mean the drink with Kahlua.  Eh, possibility.

I have really considered the Southwest: AZ; NV; NM; CO; UT.  It would have to be an area where there is little to no the mountain regions are out!  I've considered northwest TX also, but just living in the same state as the Dallas Cowboys...nah...not a Redskins fan like me!  They would throw me out of the state quickly.

So, if I decide to stay in the States, it will probably be a move to the Southwest.

But, part of my thought process has been if I'm going to make a big move, then maybe I should make my dream move and head to Great Britain.  Any of the British Isles would work but particularly I would want to got to Wales or Ireland.  Yes, I know, they have real winters.  I get that...but just to be living there would be so awesome.  I've thought about it, seriously.  Plus, it would finally give my mom an excuse to travel there, I think.  She is a huge Anglophile (someone who likes all things British).

I don't know.  I have a lot to think about before I make any real decisions.  I'm still really young, so a big move is not a big deal.  It's just a matter of getting the funds together to do it.  So, first priority, get a job and save some money.  I may have to do another winter here with the snow and bitter wind.  If I play my cards right, maybe this will be the last winter I have to spend in the Mid Atlantic.

Okay, think I may have made my decision.  Now it's time to lay in the plan, and get started.  Let's see where this goes.  

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