Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5

Beginning of day 5 not smoking....

My body is still telling me I want a cigarette.  My brain is still telling me I want a cigarette.   My soul, my attitude...they are telling my brain & body "Fuck no!!!"  I want this...a non smoking life.  I will have a non smoking life.  So far, so good...

I'm still getting nicotine because of the electronic cigarette, just not the smoke.  The electronic cigarette takes care of the need to have that hand to mouth interaction that a smoker gets when they take a drag too.  It is heavier than a cigarette but it does definitely help.

I was worried about quitting.  I've wanted to do it, knew I needed to, but was worried about it.  It is giving up an old, though bad for me, friend.  I think that's why I have gone back to it in the past.

I don't want this friend anymore.  I am doing battle with my bad habit.  I've been told it takes 21 days to establish a new habit.!  In 21 days, I will have established the habit of NOT SMOKING!!  I think that's pretty fucking awesome!!  I truly want this change!!  That makes all the difference.

Every time my brain says "Have a smoke.", my soul says "No way!!"  I will continue to fight this battle, work to maintain this new habit, every day for the rest of my LONG LIFE.  I definitely want this change more than I am afraid it.  I am determined to be successful.

Day I come!!!

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