Monday, October 7, 2013

An unhappy fan

I am not a happy Rybacker this morning!!!

I looked forward to WWE's latest pay per view since I first saw the poster...
My favorite wrestler, the man I have watched and drooled over forever, the featured Superstar!  I thought "Finally, some respect!!"

Was I ever wrong!!!  

The matchup was against CM Punk - another favorite, but definitely third string, in my book, when going against the Human Wrecking Ball.  It was a  refueled feud from late 2012/early 2013, brought on by Ry's new association with Punk's recently estranged manager, the evil mastermind Paul Heyman.  It promised to be an amazing battle between two of the WWE's best.  

For the most part, it was a great match, with Ry controlling the pace for most of the bout.  There is only one problem...regardless of strength,  no matter the power...the script will always call for someone to lose.  What pisses me off is, once again, the "brain trust" in the Creative Department at WWE determined that Ryback would lose to Punk!!!  To make matters worse, as if losing isn't bad enough, the match ended with a cheap shot to that area that can be the center of intense pleasure or freakishly horrible pain for all men!  It was a redo of the ending used for Ryback and Punk's first epic meeting in the squared circle, Hell in a Cell.  This time, Punk delivered the low blow, not some lackey referee.  

Of course, that Ry was nailed dead on with a foot to the balls is a dreadful thought to a fan like me.  Nearly as bad, again the Big Guy has lost at a pay per view.  This man is an awesome wrestler.  Every match, he has something new and improved to reveal to the fans.  Ryback the wrestler is proof positive that Ryan the man is driven to grow his character with a determination and passion for the business that is unmatched by any other wrestler.  It is frustrating to a fan like myself to watch as a company continually appears to mishandle someone that is not only an extremely high caliber wrestler but he is a devoted lifelong fan of the business!! 

To complicate matters further, making me even more angry about spending the $50 for the pay per view, the last match of the night ended in what can only be called a royally fucked up screwjob for both wrestlers.  But that is a bitch session for another blog post.   

I truly am not a pleased Ryback fan.  As a devoted Rybacker, I can only hope that tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw will bring Ryback some retribution against Punk.  A fellow Rybacker suggested that this may be part of the build to another match at Hell in a Cell at the end of October.  It would be poetic justice if Creative would give Ryback a huge win at Hell in a Cell.  Last year's HIAC match was the beginning of what would be a pay per view loss streak for Ry, and the scene of the first vicious sac-attack perpetrated against the Big Guy.  It is also scheduled to be the last HIAC pay per view.  

In my humble opinion, it would be a fantastic thing to have Ryback destroy Punk at Hell in a Cell.  I hope the buffoons in the WWE's Creative Department agree and give Ry an over the top victory.  I guess I will have to wait and see.

PS.  There was one shining moment during the match.  The crown had begun to chant 'You can't wrestle.' at the big, beautiful bald guy.  In what can only be called the perfect response, Ryback called out to the crowd "I don't care!"  A remarkable dose of attitude from the Big Guy.  I LOVED IT!!!

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