Friday, October 4, 2013

Freak and all

When I was younger, if someone called me a freak, I was offended.  I spent days being upset.  How could they think I was a freak??  Really??? Me???

I've learned.  Along with claiming the title 'bitch', I now proudly claim the title 'freak'.  I don't want to be like everyone else, and I work hard to make sure I'm not.  There is nothing more boring in this world than someone who goes along, following what everyone else does; slaves to fashion, sheep following the flock...people with no imagination.

That is not me!!  I want to make sure that folks know that I am proud that I have a mind of my own.  I want to show my family, my friends...this woman stands out in the crowd for more reasons than her red hair!!  I want the world to know that I'm here to make a statement...I am alive!!  I am a survivor and a thriver!!  I will make my mark.  I will make my dreams come true.  If I can't find a place I want to be, then I will make a place!!

I'm done trying to fit in.  I've done that for far too long!!  It's time that I show the world that it's my time.  This is my era.  This is where it gets interesting.  This is when the freak speaks out.  It's time to stop being a prisoner: the dutiful daughter; the accommodating sister; the spinster aunt.  Not anymore!!!  Not for me any longer.  I'm done with being what everyone else wants me to be.  This is my time!  The drive to surpass my goals, the need to be heard, to be seen, to be known...that's where I'm at now.

So, call me bitch.  Call me freak.  See if I care.  I'll give you a wink, a smile and keep moving forward.  I know who I am and if it makes someone feel better to put a label on me, fine, do it!  Does not matter!!  I've got my attitude...I am positive.  I am a fighter...and I will fight tooth and nail, determined to get what I want out of this life.  I have the strength and the power, and I will be known...freak and all.

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