Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Return

I haven't been here in MONTHS!  So much has happened like: losing my job; having another furbaby put to sleep; Mom having one scheduled and two emergency surgeries; tried to quit smoking; hitting the 100 pounds lost mark; enrolled in an associates degree program.  It's been eventful, to say the least.

Oh, I found out I'm going to be a great aunt too.  I would love to be excited about that but since I am not a favorite person of my nephew and wife, I will probably never see the child.  That's okay.  I'll send my love & prayers anyway.

Somewhere, along the line, I discovered I have a great deal more strength than I thought, and so many more friends than I thought.  I have gotten so much support from the people in my life over these past few weeks, it blows my mind.  My network of friends is overwhelming.  I do not have words enough to thank any of that network for hanging in there with me.  My friends make me laugh, cry with me, make me feel better about myself and my world.

Losing Jessee was hard.  I admit it.  My cats are my children.  Time is very cruel and so is age.  When it became difficult for him to even greet me in the morning, I knew what I had to do.  We are their caretakers.  When he couldn't stand that morning, try as he might, I couldn't allow myself to put off the horrible inevitable any longer.  Now what remains of my beautiful boy is in a tiny teakwood box...and my heart will never be the same again.

The job loss...a blessing in disguise I think.  I wasn't happy and apparently they weren't happy either.  See ya later, Judy!! Talk about a mind numbing experience.  I have never been fired before.  A week after losing Jessee, I lost my job.  Ka-Blam!!! Talk about a world shattered.  So I'm job hunting (again), using my resources and searching online daily.  I have had a few interviews but nothing has panned out, yet.  I will keep going till I find something.

I enrolled for an associates degree in business administration.  If the funding comes through, then I start classes online on July 22nd.  Say some prayers, cross your fingers!

So much has happened...too much has happened.  Just laying it out causes my brain to bend a bit.  Hey, I'm flexible...LOL!!!

More next time in this continuing saga that is my life....

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  1. Yay! You returned! Seems like in life there are times when all the changes are abundant and come at the same time. Might be nice for them to be spread out but God always has a reason for the changes he gives us.