Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is there light at the end of the tunnel...or is that the headlight of a freight train?

I know folks get tired my bitching.  Truth is, I bitch (therefore I am).  It's that simple.  I can be a cranky old cuss.  I'm tired of job hunting...so tired of job hunting.  There is always a better candidate: less pay; fewer benefits; more experienced; less experienced...whatever. It's such bull!

I can remember my dad searching for work when he was my age.  He had to take an on the road sales job.  He seemed to like it.  But he had sales experience.  The only sales jobs I seem to hear from is insurance sales.  I'm sorry...that idea DOES NOT appeal to me.  I have this mental picture of an old neighbor who was an insurance salesman.  I know how people felt when he showed up because I felt that way too.  He was pushy, irritating, aggravating...all the things that people already complain I am.  I don't need to give them an excuse to avoid me even more!! 

So...I'm tired of job hunting already, and it's only been a month.  Man, am I screwed or what?

I want to find something that uses the skills I have, and lets me learn more.  Frankly, that's why I enrolled in college.  Yep, I enrolled in college.  It's online.  It's a reputable school.  Going to get my associates degree in business administration.  I feel sure it will help.  I hope it helps that I am studying for it, and that I don't have to wait till I complete the degree for it to have any real effect.

Meanwhile, my nose is to the grindstone trying to put in at least one application on weekdays, more if I can.  Everything is so limited.  Even the things I know I can do now say you have to have a flippin' degree.  They are going to train you.  Unless it's an engineering job, a medical position...you know what I mean...why is the degree an absolute?  Companies want you to do things their way anyhow if it's entry level.  

Some of the jobs I look at, I have the experience they are looking for, just not the damn degree.  It's so frustrating.  Some days I could just sit and bawl for hours.  I don't know how people that have been looking for months do it.  I'm ready to stop and it's just been a month.

I know going to school is a positive thing.  The grant and student loans pay it in full, as long as I stay under 31.5 credit hours for this academic year.  I know I will have to pay back the loans, but that is a future worry.  I'm anxious to get started with this new adventure, and that's what it is for me.

Okay, I guess I've just talked myself out of my funk about job hunting.  Something has to be out there...has to be.  I'll find it, might take awhile, but I'll find it.  

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  1. I feel your pain with the job hunting. For almost 10 years I was at a pay level that only increased once and I was part time. Every full time position I applied for at that job I was overlooked because I didn't have the degree. Even a full time slot doing the EXACT same job I was doing for almost 10 years they wouldn't give me...they said it was because of the degree but truth be told it was something else...they had another person in mind that was "referred" by upper management. Ya know...someone higher up knew someone that needed a job type of thing. That degree is a piece of paper that says you have the knowledge to do a job but not necessarily the experience...it's a piece of a paper that holds us hostage these days.

    If it helps any, I read that more employers are looking for experienced employees our age to fill slots so that don't have to train as much....just where those jobs are, I haven't a clue.

    I quit that job and am in the process of going back to school for that degree because my two year one means nothing, it's pretty paper though.