Saturday, July 20, 2013

Going to the Gym

Okay, I admit it...I love to look at a well formed male butt!!  There's just something about that tight, firm, round...WHEW!  I admit it!  I can be a bit of hussy!  Not that I only look at the backside.  I love big, broad shoulders, huge upper arms, a set of pecs that give my chest competition, gloriously formed abs and those thighs!!   OMG!!!

Of course, the nearly perfect package of the male specimen is my favorite wrestler, Ryback: the shoulders; the arms; the chest; the abs; the legs and that ass!!  Oh my my!  Hmmmm!  Excuse me while a take a moment to enjoy that mental image....

I'm back.

I recently joined Gold's Gym in my hometown.  Most of us know it is a haven for weight lifters of all abilities and builds.  My hometown has some fairly well developed beefcake.  A few are probably close to my age but the majority of them are quite a bit younger.  Sometimes, my focus gets drawn away for a moment from what I am working on by some fabulously structured seat.  And I love it!!  Who cares if they catch me staring??  It can cause a serious estrogen flair up!  Most of them don't seem to mind...LMAO!!  Guys are like that.

A friend mine said recently that women need to be reminded they are beautiful.  Men, as long a woman is willing to fuck him, that's all the reminder he needs!  Smart guy...and he ain't too shabby either!

I love the endorphin buzz, the adrenaline rush.   I haven't felt those in a long while.  The gym has quickly become something I want to do...even on a shitty day.  I'm working muscles I forgot I had.  I love the 'burn' sensation it causes and the blissful ache that remains afterwards for a hour or so.  It keeps me wired for hours, which isn't necessarily a good thing for an insomniac like myself, but whatever...

I did the gym thing in the 80's.  Swore I would never do it again.  It was a 'look and see what I can do' kind of place.  Left me with seriously bad self esteem and a bitter feeling.

Making the changes in my life that I have made me rethink the whole 'never again' thing.  My wonderful network of friends encouraged me to do it for myself.  They made me feel like I was worth it.  I decided I was worth it.  Viewing myself as they view me has made a huge difference in my level of confidence.  Am I completely passed feeling doubt about!  But it's no longer the first thought in my brain.  I have a lot to offer.  I am a beautiful woman.

I'm going to keep doing this for me.  If my middle aged self gets to watch some really nice fannies for an hour or two...OORAH!!  Good thing women don't get erections...I'd be in bad shape!!

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