Monday, July 29, 2013

Something Greater...

You can be bold and beautiful.....

....or a part of the crowd.

Either way, we are always a part of something that is greater...even when we are most alone.  We are siblings, spouses/lovers, friends, enemies, co-workers...human.  We can fight side by side or go it alone, but we still remain a part of the larger world around us.  

Technology has made this world a much smaller place.  We can be instantly in touch with friends and loved ones half a world away.  We are never alone, if we do not want to be.  There is always someone to reach out to, if we want that contact.  Even if we don't, there is always someone out there who will be concerned that you are okay.  

We can CHOOSE to be a part, or not.  We can CHOOSE to be happy, or not.  We can CHOOSE to reach out, and lend a helping hand to those who need it...or not.  

We can stand out or we can blend in.  



  1. I stand out anyway being a ginger! that red hair draws attention! Most part, I like my so called mundane life. I dont need to stand out nor do I want to. You can be the one that stands out! Lovin' life, loving family, and keeping friends close.

    1. there is nothing wrong with being happy with who you are...and you are a stand out from the crowd for more reasons than being ginger. you are my evil redheaded twin...and i love you!

      and i would never call your life mundane.

  2. I've really never stood out till I actually was working at this last took that job for me to find a place where I shine. Oh wait...I did stand out one other time when my wonderful daughter who was two at the time told a lady at the store I just did good cause I pooped in the potty. Yea...I stood out then...wanted to crawl back in the stall too.

    It's great when we find a place where we shine and stand out. Choosing to be part of the crowd or to be apart of it can make the difference in the way we see ourselves. Everyone stands out somehow someway...each of us has unique qualities the others wish they had. It is what makes us individuals. Personally, my life is mundane filled with so much routine that when I do something out of the ordinary, like quit my job to go back to school, I made the choice to shake that mundane up and stand out.