Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recollection - My Baby Sister

I was born...

Baa haa!!  Trust me, I don't remember that far back.  Could you imagine the trauma of remembering that kind of an experience?  

         There was this bright light, and some masked creature with cold hands.....

Don't think so!! 

I have many childhood memories.  I faintly recall when my parents brought home the last of their five children from the hospital.  It was my baby sister.  She was my living doll baby for about an hour.  Then, until she got married at age 19, she was a huge pain in my butt.  Though I told her not to, she played with my toys.  She followed me around, till she decided I was boring.  She always ratted me out for the dumbest things and I always got in trouble.  When we got older, before I could, she would wear my new clothes.  I could go on, but I won't.

We shared a bedroom till I was 18.  My sister made June Cleaver and Felix Unger look like slobs.  Guess who was an Oscar Madison extraordinaire!!!  That's right...ME!!!  Once, she even used duct tape to divide our room in half.  No joke!  I had piles of clothes, folded and stacked everywhere but in the dresser.  I had huge mountain of dirty clothes, because I hated to do laundry.  I think I slept under part of it because it overflowed onto my bed.  

One night, shortly before we finally parted ways as roomies, she decided to rearrange the bedroom.  Okay, now this wouldn't have been a problem except she did it while I was work.  I had no idea.  I worked the closing shift at a local convenience store.  By the time I would get home, it was often past midnight.  I would go in the door, not turn on any lights, sit my purse on the table, hang up the keys and go to bed.  Here's where there was a problem.  When I went to flop exhausted onto my bed, I hit the floor.  Yep!!  In the background, I heard giggles from not just one person, but three people, because my sister had also chosen that night to have her two best friends stay over.  While I was spitting, sputtering and beginning to screech, my sister and her friends were laughing their asses off.   I got off the floor and turned on the overhead light.  My bed had moved to the other side of the room.  Meanwhile, I'm loudly saying some not so nice things, and drew the attention of my mother.  She was not happy with me.   Hey, you go to bed and your bed ain't the hell was I supposed to react?  I had bounced my head off what turned out to be my dresser, and my ass hurt from landing on a hardwood floor.  

Long story shortened, my sister had drawn a map, and left it on the kitchen table.  Problem is, I didn't see it because I didn't turn on the lights.  Yes, she was the bane of my existence, until she got married.  Then I realized how much I missed the fricking knucklehead.  I helped my sister arrange and pay for her wedding, including her dress.  Mom and Dad were separated at the time (another story).  Neither wanted her to marry, and neither had extra funds to help.  So I did.  It was nothing fancy.  Between myself, my future brother in law and my sister, it turned out be a nice little fete.  

That was 1989.  She lost babies to miscarriages...multiple babies.  She gave birth to one of the most wonderful  young men I have ever had the pleasure to know.  She has survived the destructive force of an unfaithful spouse, and she's still married to him (that 'for better, for worse' line....he had the 'better', then he got the 'worse'  My sister actually threatened him with a baseball bat.  They worked things out, and they are better than ever. even with my brother in law's health issues.   As a couple, they work well together. 

My pain in the tookus sister has become one of my best friends.  We talk, laugh, snarl and it doesn't cause a big fight.  I suppose there is something to be said about maturity, though I still kinda think it's overrated.  My little sister is way more grown up than I am.  It has been like that since she got married.  Everyone assumes she is the older sister.  I'm not arguing with them.  

That little living doll in pink, I'm very glad that my folks decided to bring her home.  My life would have been, and would still be, very empty without her.  I admire her strength, her tenacity, her determination, her survival through all of the hard times that she has had.  My baby sister is worthy of every bit of admiration I can give her.  I think she's great, just don't tell her. 

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  1. Love this! I never had a sister or a brother for that matter but I imagine it would be just like this growing up. My girls fought a lot in their days and now that that they are adults they seem to get along like friends when they are together.