Friday, August 9, 2013

Just Listen

I've always found it easy to listen.  I've made many friends by being willing to let someone bend my ear.  Their stories touch my heart: the good; the bad; the happy; the sad; the risque and the dull.  By taking the time to listen and show some compassion, I have made their day better.  By trusting me, they have made my LIFE better.

We live in a world where most people have little time for anything but themselves.  There's the job, the home, the spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, the kids, the car, the bills...all the things that place unwanted stress on us.  We rush around and let the pressure build up till we feel like we could burst inside.  When we turn to talk to anyone, it is hard to find someone willing to stop for a few minutes, or hours, to listen to us rant.

That is where I seem to have found my little niche in life.  I guess it is my way of trying to pass along the love and compassion that my friends and family have provided to me.  I find that it is simple to stop for awhile and listen.  I was given broad shoulders for some reason, and I know I have a big heart.  It is one way that I can show how much I love them.  Reaching out and providing care is a way I to reassure myself that my existence matters.  By opening my heart, by taking time to give the hug (real or virtual) that is needed, I remember that I have a purpose besides surviving this world.  I can show love, and in turn, receive the love that I need.  In that way, I know I am very much alive and still an active part of this world.

My family and my 'family' of friends are very precious to me.  With all of my heart, I hope I can continue to be the person they need me to be.  I can be that one person: the friend: the heart; the provider of support and care; the person they know they can always turn to no matter what issue may be.  In this world, where things can go to hell in a handbasket quickly, I can be that calm place they can go to for a moment of peace and comfort.  I can be the one person that gets the joke, shares the pain, understands the frustration.  

I want to repay some of the love I have been shown in my life.  I want my family and my 'family' to know how much I love them.  I always will, with all of my heart.  All I have to do is just listen.


  1. I can vouch for your big heart and your wonderful bent ear! You are an awesome person and listening is just one of the many traits you possess that make you a great friend to me. Love ya!!!

    1. I can say the same for you, my beautiful friend...a loving heart and an amazing shoulder to cry on. You are one of my lifesavers in this world! Love ya!!!