Monday, December 2, 2013

Cancer - the ugly opponent

The word "cancer" seems to be popping up a great deal in my life recently.  It sucks!  No, I don't have cancer.  Both close and not close, there are too many people in my life this ugly illness has affected.  A blog I follow, written by a schoolmate's brother, sent out the word that his brain tumor has returned.  He has a wife, a son and apparently, a new child on the way.  Yet once again, he will be fighting for his life against a very vicious enemy.  He has walked that path before, and he goes into this new battle carrying the experiences of his last battle.  I am praying, sending lots of love and positive thoughts for a victory for him against this evil.

Within my small group of close friends, one has fought and beat breast cancer; one fought and beat anal cancer; another FIGHTS lymphoma as we speak.  I know she will beat it.  She won't give it any choice but to leave and be gone forever - she's that kind of chick, strong and determined.

I have an uncle who was recently diagnosed with leukemia, slow growing, but still leukemia.  He will be on chemo pills for the rest of his life.  He jokingly told my mom (who has had quite the year health-wise) that he had to outdo her.  Does the competitiveness of siblings ever stop, lol??  I have a cousin who's cancer - not sure what type - has reoccurred.  My mom just informed me of this today.  I do not really know anything more.

A very dear friend has a friend who is battling a very aggressive brain tumor, and the battle is not going well.  I keep praying, sending positive thoughts and love to this person that I don't even know.  Because the fighter is a friend of my friend, their battle is important to me.  So I'll just keep praying, trusting in the power of love and the Almighty to watch over them, to help them survive.

I know that cancer has become quite beatable in many circumstances, but it is still a horrible diagnosis, regardless.  I've even had my own scare in the past.  The problem I have isn't cancer.  It is scary some days, when my head pounds from a migraine because of pseudotumor cerebri.  I am truly lucky it was nothing more than excess cerebral fluid that creates extreme pressure on the optic nerve, my auditory nerves and the brain stem.  Hopefully it will never be anything more than just a pain in my head - and ass.  Gotta love wild hormonal imbalance for that one, lol...crazy hormones don't just make you a little nuts, it seems.

I know each person who is fighting, or has fought, is strong in their own way.  I can only pray they remember their strength when the battle gets tough.

Keeping the love and positive vibes flowing for everyone who needs them.

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