Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ryback Abs

Ryan Reeves' (Ryback) ab selfie
Okay...wanna throw my brain into a total shutdown??  Send my hormones into overdrive??  Have Ryan Reeves post some more selfies of his rock hard, fuckin' sexy self on Twitter!!  Let's just say, every single ounce of me that is female (and I am all female), came to attention.

Sorry folks!!  That man can cause me to become an immediate puddle of mush!!  He is absolute physical perfection, as far as I'm concerned.   At the risk of sounding extremely trashy and crass...Ryback causes this woman to have some serious 'moisture' issues.  I could just start at whatever spot he would pick and have fun for days on end, lmao!!
My cropped version

Yes...he makes feel very 'randy'!!  Not gonna apologize for being a healthy woman with an actual sex drive.

I keep that part of me very well controlled, trust me.  Ryback makes that control a bit difficult.  Let's just say - if I ever got to meet him, we'd both be very!

Listen, I'm old enough to know what I want, and have sufficient knowledge to make that happen under the right circumstances.

Believe me...I know 'this' is not gonna happen.  I'm a face in the crowd of millions as far as he is concerned.  It's fun to daydream, but daydreaming is all it is...a nice little fantasy to keep me warm on a cold day.

I do have to wonder...will Ryan ever post selfies of his marvelous titanium ass (because he is way beyond buns of steel!!)??  Mmmmm!!!


  1. Well huh that pic shut me down..I just stared in awe of his tremendous body that now needs to be exposed more on wrestling an yes I hope n pray 4more Ryan selfies..what a unexpected pleasure it was to see that i am with you sis..he too makes me melt in ALL yes it is just fun/fantasy to imagine ..if I too ever did meet him though I would faint! He is underrated by WWE..they don't show the true Ryan just bad gimmicks..I hope n pray this year he will get his GOLD he so has earned #Rybackerlove GR8 Blog :-)

    1. Thanks, sis! Ryan is definitely not used to his potential. He has so much more to show, but they put him against smaller wrestlers, which endangers them. Regardless of how much they rehearse, Ryan is still a big guy with a great deal of strength. The company needs to start using him where his talent lies...knock down, drag out brawls with guys of similar build and strength capability.

      2014 is the year of the Gold for the Big Guy...he has absolutely earned it!!

  2. Well, u know my thoughts on Ry. But he does have great abs!. My taste is more along the lines of the sexy ginger known Sheamus! ... perhaps someone should notify your neighbors in case of leaks!!! Lol

  3. Yes, ERT, I know your thoughts abt the Big Guy...but at least you agree abt his fab abs. Nothing wrong with the Ginger Man...I like him. But Ry sets off a serious hormonal chain reaction, lol.

    "Moisture" issues are currently under control, lmao!!

  4. It's interesting how similar our tastes run in men; such high standards! But we deserve the best; right, li'l sis?! And I'm sure you know what I'm going to say next. I've said it a hundred times, but......that sexy beast makes me drool at both ends. Lol! Just can't help it. I melt over muscles, and he has enough to turn me into a puddle! Interpret that however you wish, haha!

    1. Well, here's to good tastes, big sis! He is a remarkable human in form and fashion...remarkable! From the top of his shaved head to the bottom of his feet (at the bottom of his perfectly formed legs), Ryan is sheer and utter delicious, delightful, delovely!! Oh my heart, be still!!