Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tale of a break up

I haven't posted to my blog in months. 
I know...and I apologize. Past few months have been difficult, for a variety of reasons. There have been some major changes for me personally during these weeks away from The Blue blood Redneck. I've lost much...
...I have found much also. I won't write of it all here, not today, maybe not ever. 
My subject of choice for today is Twitter.

I made an active choice to not participate in an argument.

I left Twitter.
There is too much hate & too much bullying on Twitter. It's like participating in a terminal case of elementary school. The majority of people on Twitter forget that bullying (cyber or not) is illegal, AND hate is destructive, not only to the person(s) the hate is directed toward, but also to the person spewing the hate. I don't need that kind of aggravation in my life...especially from people I don't know.
I use to enjoy Twitter. I found out all kinds of really cool things from some of the verified accounts for wrestlers & such. More often than not, there is TOO much hatred thrown around freely on Twitter. I started to dread even pulling up my account.

Let me clarify where this is coming from...
A month or so ago, a very dear friend of mine celebrated a landmark birthday. Trying to do something really awesome and cool (to us, at least), I sent a tweet request to a wrestler both of us followed, asking for a shoutout for this friend's b-day. What we got instead was rude, mean, hateful...and this was from someone that we both had admired (up to that point) for his strength of character as a person. I won't divulge anymore about the situation at this point. It doesn't deserve the rehash. This wrestler's tweet started a landslide of hate directed at my friend, myself and others who had been strong, staunch supporters of this wrestler. Needless to say - none of us support this wrestler or the person who plays the wrestler any longer. He created the situation, but did nothing to stop the situation. His 'fan' base - they made the attacks. He could have put an end to it, by just posting something that said "Stop". He didn't...and he proved his personal character by his lack of concern. 
I know, some will say maybe he didn't know about it. Well, unfortunately, he made it obvious that he had been very aware of the issue. In fact, he encouraged it, to build his Twitter fan base. He's trying to break some record. He took advantage of the situation, as any good self promoter is prone to do, at the expense of some really great people (including myself!!). 
What made the situation even worse - I ended up losing some "friends" (fellow fans) who I thought were stronger humans than they proved to be. It made me question my own ability to see people as they are. It made me realize how gullible I can be when I look at people through my own version of rose-colored glasses. The situation has been a true wake up call for me. I need to be much more discerning with who I trust. My trust has been folded, spindled, mutilated, trounced, stomped, ground up...basically, destroyed. Yes, there's a certain amount of trust required by venting on an openly published blog. It is negligible, compared to getting close to anyone new. My friends that have been well established...they're my friends. I don't know that I will be making any new ones any time real soon. 

So that's my little story. Twitter and me, we've called it quits. I might give it another try somewhere down the road...who knows? One thing I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I do not and will not subject myself to hate on a daily basis. I don't need it and I won't do it. No amount of loneliness will entice me to tolerate hatred any longer. There's too much hate in the world...too much unhappiness...too much intolerance. 
For me and my little world, I won't promote it. I may be guilty of hostility on occasion. I am human after all, but truth is, I won't up with accusations, slander, defamation - HATRED - directed at me, my family or my friends. If you're gonna spew nastiness and hate, do it somewhere else. 

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  1. Preach on, sister! Let it all out. There's a lot more room outside than inside! And I agree with you completely. It's terrible that someone as wonderful as you was subjected to that nasty side of some "human beings". You deserve only the best.