Sunday, February 3, 2013

Introducing the Redneck Sisterhood, part 2

     I recently introduced you to the members of my little group of friends called the Redneck Sisterhood, the family members.  My crew includes some non-blood family members too.  One will eventually be true family.  Of that, I am sure.  The others have been so vital to my existence for so long that they are family, regardless of the lack of marital or blood connections.

     The soon to be family member is my nephew's girl, Britt.  She has a fantastic sense of humor.  She is a larger than life personality, which is a requirement if you are going to be involved with my nephew.  Occasionally, a little slow on the uptake, which makes her all the more funny because she tends to disregard the chuckles that are at her expense.  Tall and pretty, she has the most beautiful eyes.  I look forward to having her become my actual niece someday.

     I'll follow Britt with my adopted big sister, Nicee.  She is a good old girl with big heart.  She adopted all of my family as her own when we became friends through work.  She has battled cancer, and won, but continues to struggle with the side effects of the treatment used.  It doesn't matter what kind of day she has had, if I call her to bitch about my shitty day, she will listen and console.  She has heard many of my tales several times over and laughs each time like it's the first time.  Her life isn't always the greatest (like most of us), but she always seems to find a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    The final two members of the Sisterhood are my Debs.  

     Deb #1 I refer to as Debbie.  It is what I have always called her since we were 12 years old, which is when we first met.  We were partners in all kinds of mischief as teens.  Then she grew up, got married (I was maid of honor) and had kids.  We have lost touch for extended periods of time, but when we reconnect, it's like we talked to each other the day before.  We have seen each other through the loss of parents (her mom, my daddy) and the illnesses of the other two parents.  We meet up for breakfast whenever schedules allow, try to talk on the phone at least 2 or 3 times a month, and generally know that we always have the other one's back in all things.  She is my mainstay in my faith and upbringing when I start to forget where I came from too.  I love her so much for always being there, never mind the circumstances.  

     Deb #2 I call Deb...or my ERT (evil redheaded twin).  We met originally because of another member of the group, T.  They were best buddies growing up, and still are in some ways.  You cannot forget the person you shared so much with growing I am with Debbie.  Anyway, things happen.  ERT & I lost touch.  She moved about an hour away, so it was impossible to accidentally reconnect, but we did, thanks to Facebook.  I am so glad that we have picked up our friendship.  We are closer friends than we were before. We laugh about the same things, have the same sarcastic's because of her I got back into following professional wrestling.  We tag-team against anyone dumb enough to take on either one of us.  She is the type of best friend you share off color jokes and risque pics of muscle men with, if you know what I mean.  She gets my twisted side because she is just as twisted.  Despite the age difference (she is a 'tad' older), we are twins.  I love her...she brings out the fun side that I forget I have sometimes.

     There is an honorary member to the Sisterhood.  She doesn't get to go to the lunches we have and she has never met any of the other members, but she is still an important part of my clique.  That's Lisa.  We were friends in high school, not necessarily extremely close, but we were more that passing acquaintances in the hall.  She married not long after high school and headed off to the life of a military wife.  20 odd years and her 2 girls later, we are very good friends once more...again, thanks to Facebook.  We share many laughs over the distance.  She is a great support for me when I am feeling blue and angry.  She is a fantastic encouragement to me.  She is actually the reason I started this blog.  I don't know what I would do without her now.  I am so glad she returned to become a fixture in my life.  Love ya Lisa!!  

     I try to gather my girls for a lunch every other month or so.  The eight of us laugh, cry, grumble and growl together, have some good local chow and just enjoy the time we get away from our lives for a few hours.  I like to think, because of me, we now all have a ready support system when unthinkable and inevitable things happen.  When Daddy passed away, they were all there.  Some for obvious reasons, but the others because they knew we needed them...and they were there, holding on to my family, providing support that was desperately needed.  

     Everyone should have a Sisterhood (Brotherhood, Friend-hood) like I have.  It makes such a remarkable difference to daily survival, knowing someone is always there for you.  I tend to live a solitary existence on a daily basis.  For a few hours bi-monthly, I surround myself with wonderful friends, and that makes the 'alone' life bearable.  I am so glad to have my Redneck Sisterhood...I love each of them for who they are and what they have meant in my life.  I could not get through this life without them, and I thank God for them everyday.   

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  1. Awww..I am honored Judy...thank you. I, too, am glad we are very close now!! Wish I did live closer though!