Monday, January 28, 2013

Grumblin' about the Rumble

I am one very seriously pissed off Ryback fan!!    
Once again the WWE has chosen to screw over the Beast.  First Hell in a Cell, where he was punched in the nuts by a "rogue" referee named Brad Maddox.  Then Survivor Series when he was subjected to a power bomb administered by The Shield (the latest pack of jackals w/a sneak attack program).  This time it is in favor of the company's number 1 face, Mr. HustleLoyaltyRespect himself, John Cena.

I looked forward to the Royal Rumble for weeks.  It begged to set Ryback further above the current stock of new blood in the professional wrestling world.  He has busted ass to achieve the recognition that the WWE seems set to keep just out of his reach, like the prize above the ring at a TLC match.

I would like to think that it was a fluke that Cena won.  Highly unlikely, considering the favor he continues to have with 'the universe's' management.  The look of shock on Cena's face as Ryback hit the floor outside of the squared circle was comparable to mine.  But really...he ain't that good of an actor (ever see the movie The Marine?). 

Nope, I think the intention is clear...Cena is still the 'pretty boy' to destroy in the WWE Universe.  With the circumstances surrounding this evening's events, I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to see Ryback destroy the annoying Mr. Babyface and send him into a permanent retirement...soon!

***On a happier note...CM Punk finally lost the championship belt.  Unfortunately, it was to the supreme part-timer, The Rock.  Wrestlemania will be Cena & Rock part deux...yuck!

Author/Editor note....7/4/13...I now like Punk, and Cena still sucks!

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